I use off-camera flashes a lot as well as I love shooting in the studio with the same transmitter/receiver combo (Cybersync by Paul C. Buff). When I added the Fuji camera to my kit I knew I had to figure out how to make it work with my good old Canon flashes.

That is why today I am sharing the few settings you need to change in camera whenever shooting with the Fujifilm X-T1 and third party wireless flashes. I am so happy I figured this out as I couldn’t get it to work originally.

The first important setting to change is the shutter type. It needs to go back to mechanical only (you can find it under shooting menu 5/shutter type). After one of the firmware updates we were given the option to have the mechanical shutter only, the mechanical and the new electronic shutter or the electronic shutter only. It is amazing how wide open you can shoot in daylight with this upgrade, however when shooting with small flashes or strobes you have to change it back to mechanical only. Otherwise the center flash firing connection is deactivated and no signal from the camera reaches the transmitter in the hot shoe.

Once the shutter is set back to mechanical you also need to change the flash mode settings (you can find it under shooting menu 4/flash mode). I usually use the commander option. I have read about people using the forced flash option as well. I am able to fire the off-camera flashes in any of those modes.

Lastly the exposure preview needs to be changed (you can find it under set-up menu 1/screen set-up/preview exp./wb in manual mode exp/wb). The digital viewfinder of the camera has the ability to show live exposure changes and that is great when shooting in natural light. However when I step into the studio, my exposure settings result in a black frame without the lights. In order to see what I am shooting the exposure preview needs to be turned OFF.

That is all in regards to camera settings.You should be able to trigger your third party flashes without a problem. I have also heard a lot of people use Pocket Wizards, Radio Poppers and Yongnuo triggers successfully. One thing to remember is the official flash sync speed for the X-T1 is 1/180 sec.

Happy Shooting!